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Laser Engrave your Wallet

We can laser-engrave initials, names, dates.. pretty much anything you can think of!

Our standard $5 package includes:

    • Add a name, date, or initials (limit 15 characters)
    • Our font of choice is Times Roman 20pt. Contact us if you wish to use another font.
    • All punctuation, numbers, characters, symbols available
    • Each letter is about 2-4mm wide x 4-5mm tall

Further Customization


We can do pretty much anything with our laser. More complicated designs will run an extra fee based on how complex the project is and if you need help with editing your image/design. Please note, that we will not etch licensed images or logos unless you are the copyright holder.

To make things easy for us, we would like the following for images or designs:

  • Image must be in PNG, PDF, PSD or AI format
  • Ideally image is vector-based; it must be black and white (not grayscale or color)
  • If you just want to use another font, we may already have it. Just ask!

Typically, large wholesale orders will take advantage having a custom logo made for corporate gifts or charity events.

Have an idea for us? Please get in touch!

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